A place where reading comes alive

Make more of your reading by keeping digital marginalia in a way that is accessible. Share your reading with family, friends, and colleagues, and see what they had to say about the books you’re interested in reading next. Interact, collaborate, discuss, create a following, or offer your expertise as a product; however you want to use it, Papertrail will breathe new life into your bookshelf.

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Read together

Reading never looked so good

At Papertrail, we want you to read more, think more about what you read, and share what you think about what you read. It's that simple.

Foster a healthier relationship with reading
Foster a better relationship with reading by taking notes as you read. For those that struggle to set the time and mental space aside, seeing what your friends, family, or colleagues are reading will help you find your next book, and help you stick with it.
Make your reading public facing
Papertrail allows you to present your reading in a clear and accessible manner, as it happens, so that potential readers can see at a glance what your influences are, or even read your notes directly, which might foster their interest in your work.
Reading, but less solitary
Your bookshelf will come alive as other readers read works you have previously read and respond to your notes. Books that you have not read for days, weeks, months, or years, will suddenly become objects of discussion again.
Don’t just write the memo
Propagate important books and important ideas across your organization in an interactive and evolving way by creating a robust and accessible manifest of your reading in Papertrail.

All it takes is one book and you.

And who knows? Maybe one more person finds your notes impactful, and the world is that much better.