Our first Changelog

Hello world!


Hey there! Welcome to our little project. This is our very first change-log, where we give updates on the project and give insight into the process, technical and not. We will do our best to give updates at the end of every week, so stay tuned!

Our very own blog!

The blog and change-log are the first things we built here at Papertrail. We believe keeping customers updated and informed helps us not only connect with our users, but also helps us stay motivated. Shout out to linear for the inspiration in their article here.

Landing page

Starting out simple, we have a very minimalist landing page for people unfamiliar with our site.

User Profiles

Users can now log in with discord (more to come later), and access our site. We decided not to implement the traditional username / password flow for superior security and decreased friction when creating an account.
Keep an eye out for blog posts on how some of this stuff is built, the technologies we used, and more!