Sep 1, 2023


Another busy week here at Biblish. Here is the update for the week!


This is our most important part of the app. Here users can take notes on a given book with full markdown support. Notes will automatically save as you type, and you can jump around to different notes as you wish. I will note, that as of writing this I have not implemented infinite scroll, so if you take enough notes you wont be able to get to some of your older ones, but dont worry they are still there. Some other cool features on the notes page include

  • A progress bar showing how far you are in the book
  • Next page / skip pages buttons for easily marking progress in your book
  • Jump to note button to quickly go to a given note (this may not work for notes that are too far back for now)

Google Auth provider

Although you can see all of the different authentication providers, we are still working on getting the api tokens setup. Hopefully by the end of next week we will have most of them setup, but for now we have google and discord. (Currently we are in a google sandbox, and only allowed emails have permission to signup via google).

Privacy, TOS, and our footer.

Another important part of our site, we added pages for our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. These were put in our footer which can be found on the blog, or any unauthenticated part of the site.