Nov 3, 2023


📫 New Invite to Read dialog

We made some tweaks to the layout of the notes page. Specifically, the book settings icon has moved to the top of the page next to the title of the book. In its place, you can find an Invite to Read button where you can invite your friends to your notes.

🤚 Request-able Notes

Private notes are now request-able! If you see someone reading something with private notes, but you are still interested in them, you can now request to have access to them. This is also paired with the invite dialog, where you can optionally automatically request to see the notes for a user that you invited to read your notes, even if they do not yet have an account.

🗨️ On-boarding Guide

A big request we got from our users was to add some sort of on-boarding tool to help people understand how to use the site. We will improve this over time, but we added a simple guide to help get you started on your reading journey!

🐛 Minor Improvements and Bug fixes

  • Public notes are linked from a books page
  • Explore page now highlights public notes
  • Fixed some code block issue in notes
  • Fixed loading page for book settings
  • Fixed authors on explore page
  • Fixed URL in the “Create your Handle” dialog when first signing up

What do you want us to work on next? Come join us in our discord and let us know!