Nov 17, 2023


📝 Brand New Note Interface

As you may have seen, we switched some things up with our editor. This will be most apparent to our frequent markdown users. We switched off of a ‘what you see is what you get’ editor in favor of a plain text editor. There were a few reasons for this, mainly because the old implementation was very unstable and prone to breaking with different user input, along with not quite supporting everything we wanted. If you are a an avid user of markdown, the new editor should feel much more consistent and easier to use.

💻 Syntax Highlighting for Code Blocks

This change also brings with it full syntax highlighting for code snippets, and consistency for any and all markdown across the site. There are some more features we will be implementing this next week, specifically adding in some github flavored markdown features so stay tuned 👀

⚙️ Per-Book Editor settings

We moved everyone that currently had an account on Papertrail to use markdown editors by default for books already in their account, but any newly added books will default to plaintext. Head over to your book settings if you want to change it!

👷Under the Hood Changes

As you may have noticed, we missed a change log last week (I was on vacation, sorry!) but we have still been very hard at work. These past 2 weeks in particular have been jam packed with upgrades to our current tech stack and refactoring out old code, and adding in some more admin tools for our analytics team. Next week will be back to user facing features, so be ready!

🐛 Minor Improvements and Bug fixes

  • We have a logo! Check it out in this email, and on our site.
  • Fixed hitting next page on mobile would automatically open the keyboard which would sometimes obstruct the next page button.
  • Fixed handle not getting updated after creating an account in the side bar
  • Switched to a new site font, let us know what you think!
  • Added option to disable spellchecking in notes
  • And more!