Dec 15, 2023


📝 More Editor Improvements

This one took quite a while (Sorry!) and is the main reason we haven't sent out updates the last few weeks. We are back on track now, so stay tuned for more features! We completely remade the notes page from the ground up, drastically improving performance - specifically when switching what note is being edited. We are also able to improve the markdown render engine! Try out some of the new features like Github flavored markdown, gemoji support, and easier line breaks (no more needing to double space to make a new line!).

🧵 Threads

You can now start threads off of other users notes! These are private between you and the author of the note, and gives you a space to start a discussion around each other’s notes. We still have a lot of work to do for threads, so stay tuned!

🐛 Minor Improvements and Bug fixes

  • Hitting next page now goes to the next page from where you are editing, not the actual next page in the book
  • Preview state no longer sticks when switching notes
  • Emails now have a link to unsubscribe (see bottom of the email)
  • ‘Log in’ will now immediately show when loading any of the external site pages
  • Bios are now visible on user profiles
  • Users names will show if set instead of handles on user profiles
  • User profiles now show the users handle
  • Blank notes are not counted on the total note count on the explore page
  • Profile settings no longer shows stale data after updating profile
  • You can now subscribe to a users notes directly from their notes page on a book
  • Most pages have a new bread crumb navigation
  • Books without a cover on the search page now have auto generated covers
  • Updated on-boarding to align with current site state
  • And more!