Jan 5, 2024


⚙️ New page-level options

Yet another re-work of the notes page, this time with some new features! The dialog / thread options have been moved to the options button for notes, along with new options for transferring a note to a new page (Thanks mom for recommending this feature) and deleting notes. We have a bunch more features planned for page options so keep an eye out!

📰 New Biblish.com

Say hello to a whole new Biblish.com! We took some time to redo the main site, and have started working on some new products to go along with Papertrail. These are still very early in development, but we are excited to start expanding the Biblish universe.

⛔ New Authentication system

Visually, our sign in page should look the same, however it is now on biblish.com instead of Papertrail. This way, you can have one shared account across all of our (future) Biblish projects!

💻Technical upgrades

For those interested, we have been working extremely hard upgrading our code base to support multiple projects. What started as a single nextjs project is now a multi-project monorepo with shared packages across all of them to keep things consistent. With all this being finished, we are putting our efforts back onto Papertrail.

🐛 Minor Improvements and Bug fixes

  • Real 404 pages
  • “Explore” button on main page will now redirect to your library if you are already signed in
  • Links in notes no long break width on small devices
  • Signing in with apple should now properly follow redirects